About the studio

BAC, Study of Architecture and Urbanism, S.L.P. is a Architectural Services company founded in 1996.

Through our experience and professional experience we have acquired a great knowledge of the rules and processes governing the construction and urban planning, especially in the area of ​​Valencia.

We offer a service tailored to each of our customers with its premises and desires as a fundamental generator of each of our lines of work; seeking the highest quality, safety and comfort for our customers.

It is considered essential to our study, the technicians who work and collaborate with us to have the highest possible qualifications and experience and participate in the business philosophy of Bac Study of Architecture and Urbanism, S.L.P.

In our study, the continuous training of team (architects or technicians all top grade), and continuous investment in technological resources, is understood as a fundamental need. The team works with great dynamism and precision, thanks to an effort of years, based on mutual understanding, control of processes, deadlines and quality.

We realize construction projects both in new construction and rehabilitation and management of the work involved. urban planning and management in all its phases. Feasibility studies.



Architect by the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Valencia since 1994.

Jose Aldeguer is equipped with a large spatial vision and analytical skills in developing solutions. It is a very creative architect and prepared, with great capacity to coordinate teams and manage the resources necessary to obtain the best final result.



Architect by the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Valencia since 1994.

Andrés Buigues is passionate about architecture. Since its sensitivity and peculiar point of view, proposes solutions that always bring extra value to the requests of each client. He is an architect dominates the composition and scales, with a strong sense of commitment and a great intuition to capture the intent and desires of the client. With its capacity for mediation and its operative way of working, a controlled environment with an excellent final result process is guaranteed.

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